What a season 2010 has been! Nine races in total; eight olympic, one half-ironman, and podium finishes at every race except for one – missed out by one spot. Overall, I’m quite happy with how the year came together. Without the support of the following people and/or companies, 2010 would not have been as successful as it was.

First, a big thanks is due to Dr. Kearns of SportsPlus. His support was nothing short of spectacular! He kept me injury free and got me up and running quickly after going over the handlebars in April. If it wasn’t for his efforts, I wouldn’t of been as fresh as I was so late in the season.

Another big thanks is due to Kiwami. Undoubtedly, the maker of the fastest and best looking tri suits. Not only do they look good, but they’re comfortable too. Even in the heat and humidity of St. Croix, I never had to worry about the fit of my suit. From a spectator’s perspective, it was always easy to find me.

Guess which one is me?

Continuing with the big thanks, one is due to Blue Seventy. While I continue to work on my swim, it’s nice to have the maker of the fastest swim equipment on your side. I absolutely love every product of theirs that I’ve been fortunate enough to try. From their goggles to their wetsuits, everything is top notch.

Becoming a PowerBar sponsored athlete has made a huge impact in my training and racing. In years past, nutrition used to be something I fumbled with on occasion. Once I became aware of the range of drinks, bars, and gels they provide, questions about nutrition became a thing of the past. No other nutrition company has the range of athlete-tested products that PowerBar does – there’s really something for everyone.

Trigger Point has been an integral part of my recovery since I first picked up the sport of triathlon and continues to be just that today. Being able to massage my legs after workouts has increased the rate in which I recover seemingly exponentially. I may not swim, bike, or run everyday, but I do use my Trigger Point massage kit everyday. If I have a secret to my recovery methods, I just revealed it.

Despite using less technology when I train nowadays, I owe a thanks to Suunto. Everything they make is precise, easy to use, and comfortable. For instance, I would hardly even notice their heart rate strap on runs. For the bike, their skewer integrated speed pod is easily the most genius and practical on the market. It’s nice being able to just train and not have to worry about your electronics.

Lastly, another big thanks is due to the mastermind of my training plans, Muddy Waters. Working with Muddy has been the best decision I’ve made in the sport of triathlon. Not only have I recorded personal bests in every discipline under his watch, he’s made me strongest where it matter most; between the ears. If you’re looking for the best coach, look no further: www.coachmuddy.com

I’m very excited for the prospects of 2011 and will hopefully build a longer list of companies and individuals to recognize next season. In the mean time, it’s break time! The bikes are put away, the piles of dirty workout clothes are clean, and it’s time to relax.

Kona, I’ll see you Wednesday.